Monthly Archives: April 2008

Games from Germany

It’s been a while since I ordered a batch of games from Germany. Following the demise of Adam Spielt, I’ve not found another online mail order to fill the gap. However, last week, I decided to take the plunge and put in an order with 12Spiel and the order arrived yesterday. In terms of the service, it was pretty good: I… Read more »

Warfrog Treefrog

From the Warfrog website: “Warfrog is going in a slightly different direction this year and will be releasing three limited first edition games. These will be part of the Treefrog Line. 1500 of each title will be printed. Each will be signed and numbered. The quality  of production will be up to usual Warfrog standards. However, all playing pieces will… Read more »

SR: 11th April 2008 – Glory To Rome

Glory to Rome, designed by Carl Chudyk and published by Cambridge Games Factory, is a card game about the rebuilding of Rome after Nero burns it down, as players seek to be the ones who earn the most fame during the rebuilding. Like San Juan, each card has multiple functions: It can be a “Role” (Labourer, Craftsman, Legionary, Architect, Merchant,… Read more »


Simon Emmins has just launched a new website that does exactly what the URL suggests it does. FindYourGameStore is a website dedicated to helping gamers find their games. RPG’s, CCG’s, Board Games, TMG’s, all these pastimes frequently require tracking down the specialist shops that carry them. Though more and more of these lines are appearing on the high street it… Read more »