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World Without End

Garry Lloyd   25th January 2010   No Comments on World Without End

Played this follow-up to Pillars of the Earth with Chris yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. Working out the best way to generate points was interesting and the perm six from twelve actions each round was novel. Chris did the better job as he scored loads of points by building up his medical knowledge and curing several villages from the… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   22nd January 2010   No Comments on Corsari

Played a couple of games of this neat little card game designed by Leo Colovini and published by Rio Grande. It is a set collection game that feels like gin rummy but the tavern adds an extra element of tension because, if somebody changes the prisoner colour you were playing for, it can wreak havoc with your hand. And the… Read more »

Spielbox in English

Spielbox is a very professionally produced magazine on boardgames that has only one downside really – it’s published in German. Notwithstanding that, I still subscribe but it looks as though they’re considering producing an English version. If you’d like to join in encouraging them in this venture, you should email them as outlined in this article.

2009 Round-up

Garry Lloyd   5th January 2010   No Comments on 2009 Round-up

2009 saw me play 229 games of 157 different titles.  My most played game was Tumblin’ Dice which saw 12 plays. I ought to be getting better with each successive outing but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Good job it’s just a really fun game that can be played with virtually any group. My only other games that… Read more »

Unplayed games – Only down a touch to 89

So I’m halfway through my mission to get my unplayed games down below 20 by the end of June 2010. Well timewise I am but I’m definitely off the pace with the number crossed off, not helped by Christmas having few gaming opportunities and those generally being filled with old favourites. I also acquired half a dozen new games, which… Read more »