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Secret Santa 2012

Garry Lloyd   28th November 2012   No Comments on Secret Santa 2012

As usual, I am taking part in the Boardgamegeek Secret Santa and my santa, through his friendly elf, Sven, has been taunting me over the last couple of weeks or so. At the weekend, I received a parcel from Boardgameguru and imagine my surprise when I saw what was inside: The message on the card simply read “From your USA… Read more »

Toronto Thursday

Garry Lloyd   9th November 2012   No Comments on Toronto Thursday

I’ve been in Toronto the last couple of days and my hotel is fifty yards away from the two best game shops in the city. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but the new Merchants of Venus was only $56 so I gave in to temptation. And just so it wasn’t lonely on my trip back, I also picked up… Read more »