Ticket to Tube Town

It’s two years since I last played Metro X but as my friend, airzonk1 Avatarron E (@airzonk1 on BGG) put this as his number 1 solo game for 2022, I decided I had to dig it out to play. My previous games were on the Metro City map but this time I decided to go for the Tube Town map.

This map seems quite a bit trickier with more intersections to navigate over and, with a limited number of skip cards, I thought it unlikely that I would complete very many lines. However, it did seem to come together ok and a couple of fortuitous cards at the end allowed me to complete two lines I’d pretty much neglected for most of the game. I ended with 41 points which seemed quite good although I’ve not compared it to anyone else’s scores. However, I felt pretty pleased with this play and may well see if I can get hold of the other maps that have been released to date.

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