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Session report: 28 January 2011 – Jamaica, The Resistance (x2)

This week, there were six of us and I was keen to try out my Secret Santa gift, Jamaica. This is a sort-of race game with treasure and piracy thrown in, where your score is determined by how close to the finish line you are when somebody crosses the finish line, how many doubloons you have in your hold, and… Read more »

Newcastle Gamers

Garry Lloyd   30th January 2011   No Comments on Newcastle Gamers

Paul Allwood emailed me yesterday to let me know about his UK game group. Newcastle Gamers are an established group playing Euro games, Board games, Wargames and Card games across the North East of England. According to their website blurb, they are a very friendly club of mixed ages, mixed experience and mixed interests but they come together twice a month to… Read more »

Boardgamenews contributors are now Opinionated Gamers

  I suppose this should be subtitled “..but they probably always were!” Now that Boardgamenews has been assimilated by the Borg that is Boardgamegeek, some of the former contributors have got together under resistance leader, Dale Yu, to launch a new blog covering game reviews and columns about gaming i.e. the non-news bits of Boardgamenews. They comprise a veritable “slew” of… Read more »

Out This Week: w/c 24 January 2011

Merchants & Marauders Board game for 2-4 players, ages 13+, approx playing time 180 minutes. Published by White Goblin Games/Z-Man Games, designed by Kasper Aagaard and Christian Marcussen. Van Helsing Board game for 2-5 players, ages 10+, approx playing time 45 minutes. Published by Sirius Games/Mayfair Games, designed by Frederic Moyersoen. Liberte Board game for 3-6 players ages 12+, approx… Read more »

Session Report: 14 January 2011 – 20th Century

This week we were all lined up for a four player game of Opera when Mark G arrived to give us five players. Once Opera waspacked away again, we opted for 20th Century, the new game from Shipyard designer, Vladimir Suchy. This was an interesting game of trying to balance coin and science production (the two currencies for the two… Read more »

Telford Mini-Con 2011

Steve Perkins emailed me with details of the next Telford Mini-Con. It will be held on Saturday 9th April 2011 at Shifnal Village Hall, Aston Street, Shifnal, Telford, Shropshire TF11 8DW. Start time is 10.00am and it will run until 10.00pm Shifnal Village Hall will accommodate up to 120 people, and you should contact telfordminicon to reserve a space. Cost of… Read more »

Spielbox #7/2010

Garry Lloyd   7th January 2011   No Comments on Spielbox #7/2010

The final Spielbox of 2010 arrived today and includes a “Christmas Tree” expansion for Zooloretto. The bad news is that the instructions say this can only be played at Christmas so it looks like I’ve missed out for nearly 12 months; the good news, however, is that there is a note at the back of the issue that readers of… Read more »