Essen haul 2010

Back after a couple of days at Essen. Here is what I picked up.

Tikal II  (Gameworks); Porto Carthago (Iron Games); Olympus (Stratalibri); Asara (Ravensburger); Black Friday (Rio Grande); 7 Wonders (Repos); Mousquetaires du Roy  (Rio Grande); Isla Dorada (Fun Forge); Navegador (Rio Grande); London (Treefrog); 20th Century (Rio Grande); Perpetual Motion Machine (Bezier Games); Triumvirate, Haggis and The Resistance (Indie Boards & Cards); Sobek (Gameworks); Trollland (Ludocortex); Famiglia (Rio Grande); Die Saulen der Erde: Das Kartenspiel (Kosmos).

That’s 20 new games, plus I picked up the expansion tile sheet for Peloponnes: The Hellas Expansion, which was the only add-on I picked up having decided not to buy any expansions this year. And this was only because Bernd persuaded me that it didn’t change the play very much at all, just adding a ninth round and some extra tiles.

More details about the trip later.