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Latest games on Ebay

Time to put a few more games up for sale on Ebay. This time, you can bid on Die Baumeister von Arkadia by Rudiger Dorn, Wongar by Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum, Trapper by Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling, Lost The Game (in a tin), Khet the Laser Game and last but not least Battlelore by Richard Borg. The list… Read more »

Essen 2008: The Three Commandments

The Lamont brothers have a second Essen release this year. This is a collaboration with Friedemann Friese that is being released as Die 3 Gebote by Bewitched Spiele and The Three Commandments by Rio Grande. Each player takes the role of a High Priestess once and determines the rules of her own religion. The other players are novices trying to sense… Read more »

High Score

Garry Lloyd   9th October 2008   No Comments on High Score

Last night, Jan, Rebecca and I sat down to try High Score, a Ravensburger game designed by Heinz Wuppen, which you can actually play with two standard six sided dice and a score sheet. Despite the minimal components, the game is great: Take It Easy with dice rolls rather than tiles. I had a really good first round and an… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   8th October 2008   No Comments on Qwirkle

Jan and I played Qwirkle for the first time last night and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. Sort of like Scrabble but with colours and shapes instead of words, you basically add tiles to a grid by matching colour and or shape, scoring points according to how many pieces you connect to in a line. This… Read more »