Wayback When? March ’93, ’98, ’03, ’08

Wayback When? is a review of the games I was playing five, ten, fifteen and twenty years ago with me highlighting the most memorable titles of each particular month in the vain hope that I might dig out some of them to play again. This month we’re looking at March 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008.

March 2008 was a very poor month for games as I only played two titles all month. Utopia was the only new game, a very nicely presented game but it didn’t quite hit the mark and I’ve recently sold it.


Conversely, March 2003 was a very good month with several interesting titles being played: New England, Friedemann Friese’s brain melting Fresh Fish, Michael Schacht’s Paris Paris and the card game version of Basari entitled Edel Stein & Reich.

March 1998 only saw one item of note but a good one it was: The Konig & Intrigant expansion to El Grande brought each player a deck of action cards from which they chose one in each round of play.


March 1993 saw my education about German games blossom further with Hare & Tortoise, Adel Verpflichtet (aka Fair Means or Foul), Ave Caesar and Alan Moon’s Elfenroads. I think I was hooked by this time.

Last call for bids

Another batch of games on Ebay where the auctions are due to end on Sunday afternoon. This time, the games on offer include Ticket To Ride: The Card Game, Carcassonne: Die Burg (The Castle), Pergamemnon, Time’s Up and Demarrage, among others. You can see the full list here.