Right, I’m now on holiday for a fortnight so will be out of touch until the 28th August. Don’t let that stop you reading (and commenting on) the latest stuff on this site or my trickylight site. See you all soon.

My collection

 Just finished the job of entering all my owned games into the databaseon my Trickylight site. The list is here.By my reckoning, the total is 607, which is a bit lower than I had anticipated – maybe Jan has been selling stuff secretly behind my back. I guess that means, though, that my collection isn’t big enough and I ought to be buying even more games!!!

New UK Game Shop: Shire Games

I got an e-mail yesterday from Nick Fisk who has just opened a new games shop in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. It looks like he’s going to stock most of the board game new releases that are generally available in the UK and he has an online store for those that don’t fancy a trip to the Potteries. As Hanley is less than 40 miles away, I will have to make the effort to try and get over there before too long. Full details are on the Shire Games website: here.

Shear Panic

 One of the newer UK game companies, Fragor Games, who produced the fun frog game, Leapfrog, last year, has announced a new game they’ll be promoting at the Essen Fair. Rick Thornquist’s Gamewire website has the low-down on Shear Panic, which is about the exploits of a flock of sheep.