Monthly Archives: September 2006

SR: 29th September 2006 – Mission: Red Planet, Seerauber

Although there were five of us tonight, John was busy on the phone for the first half of the evening so four of us tried the brand new Asmodee game, Mission: Red Planet by Bruno Faidutti and Bruno Cathala. And what an excellent game it is too. The game is about sending astronauts to Mars and exploring the various regions… Read more »

SR: 22nd September 2006 – Finstere Flure, Phantoms of the Ice

We started off this week with a game of Finstere Flure (Fearsome Floors). In the past, this has been a game where the monster has caused quite a bit of havoc and that is what has generated most of the fun. On this occasion, he wandered around aimlessly and although he messed with a few of the adventurers, these were… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   23rd September 2006   No Comments on UK GAMES EXPO

  Put the date in your diary: 2nd and 3rd June when a new ambitious games convention in Birmingham is set to take place. Here is the latest information posted on BGG. UK GAMES EXPO 2007 “Everything about games” 2nd to 3rd June 2007 The Clarendon Suites 2 Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9SB   Just updating this information. Latest news… Read more »

Essen 2006

Garry Lloyd   22nd September 2006   No Comments on Essen 2006

Well, in spite of there being some doubt as to whether I would get there this year, everything’s booked. Same hotel: Ypsilon, Best Western; flight out slightly later and back a few hours earlier, which means I get the full day on Thursday but only until lunchtime on the Friday. Not scanned Rick’s Essen preview in any great detail yet… Read more »

SR: 8th September 2006 – Pizarro & Co, Tsuro, Saboteur

  This week, we started off with the excellent auction game, Pizarro & Co. It’s a while since we last played it and, as a result of us forgetting the relative values of things, Nige got a very cheap James Cook on the first auction. Things soon tightened up, however, and it was difficult to tell who had the best… Read more »