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Level X

Garry Lloyd   27th May 2010   No Comments on Level X

The Easy Play line of games from Schmidt Spiele is becoming a great series of short, light family games and I’ve yet to find a dud in the ones I’ve tried. Big Points, Los Banditos, Burgen Land and Finito are all really fun and now the latest addition, Level X by Stefan Risthaus, keeps that good run going. If I… Read more »

Spielbox #2/2010

The new issue of Spielbox arrived at the end of last week and is again filled with good stuff, although the English remains a little quirky. This time, there are several pages devoted to the Nurnberg releases as well as numerous well written reviews of Egizia, Seeland, Ad Astra, Havana, Dungeon Lords and others. In addition, there is another Dominion… Read more »

Another 11 games on Ebay

I’ve put another batch of 11 games up for sale on Ebay: Alexandros by Leo Colovini Aquadukt – the game of irrigation in ancient times Antler Island – the Lamont brothers’ game about rutting stags Strozzi – the third in Reiner Knizia’s Medici/Strozzi series Wasabi – the beautifully produced sushi game Dragonriders – Klaus Jurgen Wrede & Jean du Poel’s fantasy… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   13th May 2010   No Comments on Zahltag

Last night, Jan and I had an enjoyable game of Zahltag, a 30 minute card game about fulfilling building contracts, designed by Franz-Benno Delonge and released by Ravensburger. Players employ up to 10 in total of four different types of workers, whom they are hoping to utilise on building contracts. Each turn, a card is turned over from the contracts deck… Read more »

Unplayed games down to 70

A better month this time for reducing the unplayed list, helped to a degree by some Ebay sales. Anyway, during April this happened: 5 new games acquired (Mystery Express, Cheeky Monkey, Fresco, Samarkand: Route to Riches and Foosball); 13 games no longer unplayed (Strand Cup, Mystery Express, Cheeky Monkey, Burger Joint, Court of the Medici, Null & Nichtig, Gipsy King, Basket Boss, Perry… Read more »