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Spiel des Jahres 2006

  I’m a bit late posting this but the German game of the year (family variety) turns out to be Thurn und Taxis, designed by Karen & Andreas Seyfarth and published by Hans-im-Gluck. Congratulations to all concerned. TuT would not actually have been my choice but it is a pretty good game. I would have picked Blue Moon City (Kosmos) and… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   19th July 2006   No Comments on Manorcon

The next UK game convention is taking place this weekend. ManorCon XXIV will be held on 21st to 24th July 2006, in Shackleton Hall, Birmingham University, Birmingham. Manorcon is the largest UK convention and has plenty of organised events. Tournaments will include: Diplomacy, Settlers of Catan, 18XX, Outpost, Acquire, Puerto Rico, St Petersburg and Croquet. There will also be plenty of… Read more »

SR: 7 July 2006 – Warhamster Rally, Jericho

Warhamster Rally This week, we decided to have a go at Warhamster Rally, although Nige wasn’t keen when I described as a cousin to RoboRally. It’s not quite as brain-burning as RoboRally though as you are only programming one move ahead rather than a series of moves. Players try to race their Warhamsters down one side of a course, round… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   7th July 2006   No Comments on Mended

This site got hacked earlier in the week and it took me a while to get rid of the forwarding link that was inserted somewhere into my database. Thanks eventually to my web host, Web Mania, we managed to track it down and remove it. I think everything’s back working normally again now but, if anyone sees anything strange, let… Read more »