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Trickylight down

Garry Lloyd   25th February 2009   No Comments on Trickylight down

Just a note to say that Trickylight has been down for the last 24 hours or so. Not sure what the problem is but my web-hosting service, Web Mania, are aware of the problem and are trying to sort it out. Hopefully, it’ll be back up soon. Of course, it may be that the monkeys are embarrassed at last week’s… Read more »

Next SBC session

Garry Lloyd   10th February 2009   No Comments on Next SBC session

I don’t know. One week away and it all falls apart. Fancy letting Kennett win everything – a barrel full of monkeys picking cards / tiles/ bids at random could probably have done better than the rest of you! Anyway, this week’s session  on Friday 13th February 2009 will be held at Garry’s house – hopefully with some sensible results.