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Cash Trap

Garry Lloyd   7th October 2005   No Comments on Cash Trap

I was contacted yesterday by a new UK game company, New Century Games, who originate from just up the road in Cheshire. They have just released a new game: Cash Trap, and will be at Essen next week to promote it. The game looks like a simple “get all your pieces from one side of the board to the other”… Read more »

Games International #22

The new issue of GI has arrived today, although this was probably scheduled to appear around July time, I guess. This means that the news section isn’t really news: for instance one of the articles covers the <strong>nominations</strong> for the Spiel des Jahres and there is a <strong>preview</strong> of Arkham Horror. It would be nice to think the time lag… Read more »

Shear Panic

Garry Lloyd   3rd August 2005   No Comments on Shear Panic

 One of the newer UK game companies, Fragor Games, who produced the fun frog game, Leapfrog, last year, has announced a new game they’ll be promoting at the Essen Fair. Rick Thornquist’s Gamewire website has the low-down on Shear Panic, which is about the exploits of a flock of sheep.

Games International #21

 The latest issue of Games International has turned up at last. Despite the lateness, it is full of interesting stuff. Martin Wallace provides a teaser on his latest game, Tempus, which is due out this month apparently. This one looks very tempting and, if the production is as lavish as he suggests, this will be a certain purchase. Plunder also… Read more »

Boardgames-To-Go Podcast

Mark Johnson has just published a series of recordings, giving his thoughts on various aspects of gaming and games he has played recently. There is an interesting outline of various play-by-web sites as well as his views on a few older games I’ve not played in a while, particularly Evergreen and Karawane. I hope he keeps recording these because I… Read more »

Nimrods Blog spotted by The Guardian

National newspaper, The Guardian, has spotted one of our well-established blogs about boardgames, Nimrods . The article here doesn’t provide us with any useful information other than the link but at least it’s highlighted as a boardgames site so it could help the cause of publicising boardgames in the UK. Well done Pete Haslehurst for getting himself well and truly… Read more »