Next Ebay sale

My latest batch of games for sale is up on Ebay and the auctions are due to to end on 30th June.

Included this time are:

  • Michael Schacht’s Richelieu;
  • Valentin Hermann’s X-Net;
  • Uwe Rosenberg’s Bohnroschen expansion for Bohnanza / Ladybohn;
  • Bruno Faidutti’s Die Dunklen Lande expansion for Ohne Furcht Und Adel;
  • Atta Ants;
  • And several more card games: Penguin Ultimatum, Control Nut, Dia de los Muertos, Bayon and Rotundo

Last but not least is the Spiele aus Timbuktu box, which was designed to hold various games released by that company over the years and has several full games and expansions (12 to be precise) included. All the details can be found here.

UK Games Expo 2010



Just a last minute reminder that this weekend sees the annual UK Games Expo take place in Birmingham. The full details are on the website here but, in summary, the event runs from 4th-6th June with the main public opening hours being from 9.30am till 5pm Sarurday and 9.30am till 4pm Sunday. The venue is:

The Clarendon Suites
Stirling Road (off Hagley Road)
B16 9SB

Additional open gaming area is available Noon till late Friday and 7pm till late Saturday night for more gaming in the adjacent Menzies Strathallan Hotel (you do not have to pay for this and it is open to non residents).

Just a point worth mentioning, the website is nice and pretty but all the key information is very well hidden. It’s all tucked away in the faq section, which is accessed via a drop-down menu by hovering over the Attendee tab. This info should be a lot more prominent (please take note, Richard).

Unplayed games – Down to 68

This month was going pretty well until I ordered a batch of games from Germany, hence only two off the net total:

9 new games acquired (Egizia, Die Speicherstadt, Bananagrams, Keltis: Das Orakel, Seeland, Level X, Glen More, Drachenherz and 11 Nimmt);

1 previously played game acquired (Peloponnes + Expansion)

9 games no longer unplayed (Bloody Legacy, Riffifi, Zahltag, Egizia, Netzwerk, Wordwild, Level X, Glen More and 11 Nimmt);

2 games sold (Alexandros and Zwickern).

Well, June is the final month of my quest so you’ll get one more report, following which I’ll still be trying to knock the unplayed games total down but won’t be providing regular updates. I wonder how close to 50 unplayed games I can get by the end of the month. 

Spiel-des-Jahres 2010: The Nominees

The shortlist for this year’s SdJ has just been published. The nominees were:

  • A La Carte by Karl Heinz Schmiel 
  • Dixit by Jean Louis Roubira 
  • Fresco by Marco Ruskowski and Marcel Susselbeck 
  • Identik by William P Jacobsen and Amanda A Kohout
  • Roll Through The Ages by Matt Leacock 

Wow! This year only one of the games picked by the jury would have been on my list (Fresco), although RttA may have been if I’d realised it was only released in Germany later last year. Much more in line with my judgment was the jury’s list of the year’s recommended games, which was made up of:

  • Level X, Stefan Risthaus
  • Mosaix, Christof Tisch
  • Don Quixote , Reinhard Staupe
  • Jäger und Sammler, Reiner Knizia
  • Jaipur, Sébastien Pauchon
  • Kamisado, Peter Burley
  • Samarkand, David V.H. Peters & Harry Wu
  • Tobago, Bruce Allen
  • Hansa Teutonica, Andreas Steding
  • Endeavor, Carl de Visser und Jarratt Gray

My pick for winner would be Roll Through The Ages although I wouldn’t be too upset if Fresco or Dixit won. More info about the award is here.