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Garry Lloyd   17th July 2008   No Comments on Holiday

Well, I’m off on holiday for a week so the site will not be updated during that time. Meanwhile, why not pass the time away watching the following: The first two episodes of Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog are already up with the final part released on 19th. Enjoy.

Boardgame? Geek? Me?

Boardgamegeek has lots of tools to satisfy that small minority who love statistics. I’m a bit surprised I’ve not embraced every whizz-bang facility that is available but I have at last, after 8 years of using the site, got my collection logged and ratings added (although I am still to add ratings to those games “played but not owned” before… Read more »

SR: 11th July 2008 – More Backpacks & Blisters, Uptown

After the debacle that was the Agricola scoring last week, I knew I was in for some stick this week so I thought I’d try and calm everyone down with a nice stroll through the lake district. Unfortunately, this was winter and the previous week’s farmers were all for saddling me with the heavy rucksack. The trip from Ambleside started… Read more »

Sorry Nige!

Garry Lloyd   5th July 2008   No Comments on Sorry Nige!

  I hate to kick a guy when he’s down (at the bottom of the Hall of Fame), but I added up the scores wrongly for our game of Agricola last night. My score was actually 30 rather than 28 which means I pipped you for the win. This is where I grovel about being so embarrassed about my incompetency… Read more »

SR: 27th June 2008 – Tribune, Mission: Red Planet

We got to play Tribune tonight, designed by Karl Heinz Schmiel and published by Fantasy Flight Games. However, it turned out to be a much shorter experience than we expected. We opted for the medium length five player game which involved achieving three victory conditions with a compulsory Tribune. On the first turn, my cards pointed me towards the Senator… Read more »