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Fanboy 3

Garry Lloyd   26th January 2005   No Comments on Fanboy 3

I was in Manchester on Friday and decided to check out a new game shop that I heard had opened. It is very central about five minutes walk from Picadilly station and it is quite light and spacious (contrary to Rick Thornquist’s observations in his latest blog entry at the Gamewire). There is quite an emphasis on CCGs and roleplaying… Read more »

Session Report – 21st January 2005

This week’s session was hosted by John and we had the possibility of one of Mark G’s friends joining us. He didn’t as it turned out but I had chosen some lighter games to accommodate him and we went ahead with these anyway. Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers Players: John, Mark K, Mark G, Garry None of the others had played… Read more »

The Tao of Gaming

Garry Lloyd   26th January 2005   No Comments on The Tao of Gaming

Brian Bankler has launched a new gaming blog called The Tao of Gaming. There are some interesting entries on gaming theory, particularly one related to decision making in LOTR: The Confrontation, and computer opponents for Go, Backgammon, Chess etc. Looks pretty good.


Garry Lloyd   18th January 2005   No Comments on Heroscape

Heroscape has been available in the U.S. for a while now but only landed in the UK just before Christmas. As Chris had a birthday in early January, I took advantage of the New Year Sale at The Place For Games to order a copy. When he opened the wrapping paper on his birthday, he didn’t seem overly thrilled but… Read more »

Fairy Tale

Garry Lloyd   17th January 2005   No Comments on Fairy Tale

Patrick Korner is one among others who has been raving about this card game from Japanese company, Yuhodo. Well, I hate to admit I missed this one at Essen but spurred on by the comments, I took a look at the Yuhodo website and decided that it was worth the £13 to order a copy direct. And, lo and behold, 10 days… Read more »

Session Report – 14th January 2005

Struggle of Empires Players: Mark K, Mark G, Nige, John, Garry We’ve all been looking forward to getting the new Warfrog game to the table ever since I got back from Essen but we’ve not had a decent opportunity when we’ve all been at the Club until tonight. Struggle of Empires is definitely a gamer’s game. It is complex in… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   12th January 2005   No Comments on Buyword

Jan is a big Scrabble fan, whereas I am not. However, this Sid Sackson game recently published by Face To Face Games is a game about making money from forming words, so I thought it might work out well for both of us. We got to try it out this weekend. The basic idea is that you buy letter tiles… Read more »