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Essen 2009 trip

Garry Lloyd   23rd October 2009   No Comments on Essen 2009 trip

Just back from two days at Essen. Fabulous time as always but seemed to spend more time talking than playing games. Rather restrained on the buying front – only 19 additions to the collection which are shown in glorious technicolour below.      

Coming at Essen: The Boardgamegeek Game

Richard Breese’s second game to be released at SPIEL ’09 is The Boardgamegeek Game. Here is a description from the game’s entry on BGG: The BoardGameGeek Game (TBGGG) is being published by R&D Games to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the BoardGameGeek website, the gaming community’s most indispensible database! Ernie (the famous BoardGameGeek mascot) has gone on holiday to meet his… Read more »

Coming at Essen: Aladdin’s Dragons – The Card Game

Richard Breese is this year following in the footsteps of many-a-designer and converting one of his more popular board games to a card game. Here’s a description from Boardgamegeek: In ancient and long forgotten times heroes were lured to Eastern lands by tales of bountiful treasure and powerful magic. The treasure was found, not lying about, but in dangerous caves guarded by… Read more »

Coming at Essen: A Brief History of the World

The Ragnar Brothers will be back at Essen this year with a streamlined version of their classic, History of the World. As the new version was designed to play in a shorter timeframe, the choice of title for this version is hardly imaginative but 100% accurate. So welcome to A Brief History of the World. The game has been co-produced… Read more »

Unplayed games down to 89

Unsurprisingly, I missed my target of getting down to 85 unplayed by the end of September. With the girls now away at University, I’ve got fewer targets at home to rope into a game. In summary: 3 new games acquired (Change Horses, Endeavor, Ad Astra) 11 games no longer unplayed (Adam & Eva, Animalia, Explosiv, Fish Eat Fish, Flix Mix, Endeavor, Ad Astra,… Read more »