Spielbox #1/2012

The latest issue of Spielbox arrived yesterday. Within its 56 pages were reviews of Rapa Nui, Coney Island, Ora et Labora and Villlage among others. There was also a recap of what was on show at Nurnberg and a look back at the career of David Parlett with numerous pictures of Hare & Tortoise. This issue also enclosed a mini expansion of six cards for Navegador.


I’ve been in London the last couple of days and popped into Orc’s Nest yesterday. To my surprise, they had a shelf of half price games on this visit (never seen a sale before) and one of those games was Jerusalem which has been on my wishlist for a while. At £19 I had to grab it, although when I broke open the shrinkwrap tonight, there were no rules in the box. Very odd but the rules are online and I’m not too unhappy given the nice price I paid. I also picked up Lords of Scotland while I was there.

Back from Limbo

And we’re back! If you’ve tried to get on the site in the last week or so, you haven’t been able to as someone forgot to put money in the meter. Basically, I hadn’t noticed that the domain name fee hadn’t been paid and I didn’t get a reminder from the registrar, so Nominet went and suspended it. Thankfully, it’s all rectified now. That’s all for now. Might be back later testing the capabilities of the new 3rd gen iPad which I’m picking up today (or I might be too busy playing).

Boardgame Group Map

Karl Bunyan has had the very good idea (although I’m sure many have thought about it before – me included – but he’s actually gone and done it) of creating a map of game groups with relevant contact and timing details. I’ve added our group to the blossoming list. It’s interesting: Who ever knew there was a group as far north  as York (…or Beyond)?

The map is accessed via the Royal Society of Gamers website (Hmm. Haven’t publicised that before).

Fluffdaddy’s Top 100 2012

Mark Jackson, aka Fluff Daddy or akapastorguy, has started to run through his 2012 version of his top 100 games. The 2005 and 2010 versions of this were really enjoyable as he tends to highlight those lighter (fluffy) games that really stand the test of time.

I’m looking forward to seeing which games have catapulted themselves onto the list this time around. And how Tumblin’ Dice and Schnappchen Jagd are not in there, I’ll never know. There is a geeklist at Boardgamegeek but greater details is on Mark’s blog.

New order from Germany

I’ve just put in an order for a few games from Allgames4you.de which should turn up next week. Three big box games: Santa Cruz (the new Hans im Gluck release); Helvetia from Glen More designer Matthias Cramer; and Michael Schacht’s Africana. On top of that are four little games (just to please Nige): Zooloretto Wurfelspiel; Keltis – Das Wurfelspiel; Wurfel Bohnanza; and Bullenparty.