Monthly Archives: June 2009

Boardgaming in Bolton

For those who play games in and around Bolton, their game group GNOME (Gamers North Of Manchester, England) has a new website. It’s still in its infancy (the site rather than the GNOMEs) and anyone who has any ideas about (or talent in) tarting up the site should get in touch with Chris by email: contact AT boltonboardgames DOT org DOT uk.

Meeples’ Choice Awards 2008: The Winners

    The winners of the 2008 Meeples’ Choice Awards have now been announced on the Spielfrieks discussion group: The three games polling the most votes were: Dominion Pandemic Le Havre No real surprises there although I thought Stone Age might have been in with a chance. (I voted for Dominion, Stone Age and Powerboats). Congratulations to the designers and… Read more »

Coming at Essen (hopefully) – Pony Express

Bruno Faidutti reports that a new race game co-designed by him and Antoine Bauza should be ready for Essen. Here is what Bruno says on his website: “Antoine Bauza and I always liked race games, even when they were not in fashion. They’re doing their comeback now, so we’ve made our – Pony Express. In this game, you must prove that… Read more »

Meeples’ Choice Awards 2008: The Nominees

Well, the first round of voting for the Meeples’ Choice Awards is finished. The Spielfrieks group has spoken (actually 114 of the Spielfrieks group, which seems lower than in previous years – but I may be wrong) and these are the 25 games nominated for the final vote: After the Flood Aquaretto Battlestar Galactica Chicago Express Conflict of Heroes: Awakening… Read more »

Coming at Essen: The BoardGameGeek Game

When I first saw this, I thought it might have been a big hoax but apparently not. Richard Breese has decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of BGG by releasing a game themed around everyone’s favourite gaming website (this one excluded of course). Here is a description of the game from the aforementioned BGG: “The BoardGameGeek Game… Read more »