Meeples’ Choice Awards 2008: The Nominees

Well, the first round of voting for the Meeples’ Choice Awards is finished. The Spielfrieks group has spoken (actually 114 of the Spielfrieks group, which seems lower than in previous years – but I may be wrong) and these are the 25 games nominated for the final vote:

After the Flood
Battlestar Galactica
Chicago Express
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!
Cosmic Encounter
Diamonds Club
Ghost Stories
Le Havre
Lost Cities: The Board Game
Planet Steam
Royal Palace
Say Anything
Snow Tails
Space Alert
Steel Driver
Stone Age
Tinners’ Trail
Wealth of Nations

Eight of my ten nominees got through to the final (Chicago Express, Diamonds Club, Dominion, Le Havre, Pandemic, Powerboats, Snow Tails and Stone Age). The two that didn’t (Burgenland and Kamisado) don’t surprise me as they won’t have been as widely played as others and are strictly two player games.

In the final voting, the three games that poll the highest will be crowned as the winners.