Unplayed games – 120 to go!

My unplayed games list is way too big! I need to get it down to about 20 at any one time so that means I need to concentrate on three things:

  • playing more of those I’ve not yet tried, or
  • selling some that I don’t think I’m going to play in the foreseeable future, and
  • not buying more new games than I’m ticking off my unplayed list.

So, starting now, I’m going to track how I’m getting on with reducing the 120 and at the start of each month confess what the new total is. Let’s say, my aim is to reach 20 unplayed by the end of June 2010 and I buy 20 new games over the next year , that means I need to tick off 10 a month either by playing or selling. Will I make it? Bets are currently being taken.