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Fellonmyhead weblog

Garry Lloyd   24th November 2005   No Comments on Fellonmyhead weblog

Thanks to Yehuda, I’ve spotted another fairly new UK game blog. This one is by Anthony Simons (aka Fellonmyhead) and is at this address. I’m surprised I’ve not come across this before but I’ll be keeping tabs on it from now on. The content looks pretty good and he’s into his third month of posting and still submitting stuff quite… Read more »

Nimrods Blog spotted by The Guardian

National newspaper, The Guardian, has spotted one of our well-established blogs about boardgames, Nimrods . The article here doesn’t provide us with any useful information other than the link but at least it’s highlighted as a boardgames site so it could help the cause of publicising boardgames in the UK. Well done Pete Haslehurst for getting himself well and truly… Read more »

The Tao of Gaming

Garry Lloyd   26th January 2005   No Comments on The Tao of Gaming

Brian Bankler has launched a new gaming blog called The Tao of Gaming. There are some interesting entries on gaming theory, particularly one related to decision making in LOTR: The Confrontation, and computer opponents for Go, Backgammon, Chess etc. Looks pretty good.