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Comments problem fixed

Well, I think I’ve got around the comments problem. It was something to do with Spam-Karma so I’ve deactivated it and taken the opportunity to upgrade my WordPress installation, the latest version of which includes the Akismet anti-spam utility. Depending on how that performs, I may get the newest Spam-Karma as well (assuming they will work together ok). If anyone… Read more »

Comments problem

There seems to be a problem with the comments section of the blog. On submitting comments, a long list of error messages appears, although it looks as though the comment still gets posted ok. I’ll try and have a look at this over the next day or two.

SR: 10th March 2006 – Dragonriders, Fette Autos

Dragonriders This week, six of us met at John’s house. One of last year’s Essen releases that I have not yet played is Dragonriders by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede and Jean du Poel and published by Rio Grande. The game is a dragon race around a twisting circuit, with riders casting spells to try and get themselves to the front and win… Read more »

Unplayed games

Garry Lloyd   11th March 2006   No Comments on Unplayed games

I’ve just gone through my game collection and marked up all those that I’ve never played. The total came to 114. That’s a very high number even for someone whose collection is over 600 games. Looking at the titles (the list is here), there are a heck of a lot of two player games and little card games among them…. Read more »

Counter #32

Garry Lloyd   6th March 2006   No Comments on Counter #32

The new issue of Counter arrived today. #32 means it has been going for 8 years now and it is still filled with loads of interesting stuff. There’s the 2005 Top 5 picks from Mike Siggins, Ben Baldanza, Greg Schloesser, Richard Dewsbery, Alan and Stuart; an article from Derek Carver on how unpredictable cards can be; Larry Levy recalling what… Read more »

SR: 24th February 2006 – Union Pacific, Poison

Union Pacific Although I’ve played Airlines many times, I’ve never got around to trying Union Pacific so I set out to remedy that this week. Six of us set out to make our fortunes buying up railway stock. In UP, players are building train routes across the USA for 10 train companies and buying up shares in those companies. There… Read more »

SR: 17th February 2006 – Himalaya, Shear Panic

Himalaya Four of us this week so I decided it was time to try this former Spiel-des-Jahres nominee, designed by Regis Bonnessee and published by Tilsit. A good description of the game is available on BGG, as follows: “Each player is the chief of a Himalayan high plateau tribe trying to extend his tribe’s influence in the religious, political and… Read more »