Unplayed games

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I’ve just gone through my game collection and marked up all those that I’ve never played. The total came to 114. That’s a very high number even for someone whose collection is over 600 games.

Looking at the titles (the list is here), there are a heck of a lot of two player games and little card games among them. This is not surprising as card games tend to get relegated to end-of-evening fillers at club sessions. I have said it before but we must try and have the occasional night devoted to card games. As far as two-player games go, I need to persuade Jan or Chris to play more of these, although Chris has just taken delivery of a drumkit today so he may take some persuading.

I’m going to track those that remain unplayed and try and bring the number down during this year. I did manage to reduce the number by two last night as we played Dragonriders and Fette Autos at the club. Report soon.

So, which games should I try and get to the table first? Suggestions welcome. 112 and counting…