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Race for the Galaxy – 2 player session 30th March 2008

Having missed out on Friday’s regular session, Chris and I sat down on Sunday afternoon to play Race for the Galaxy. The game takes a bit of explaining but Chris picked up the basic strategies pretty well. However, with this being his first try at the game, he was further down the learning curve as far as determining how the… Read more »

SR: 29 February 2008 – Darjeeling, Cartagena II

This week, Guy joined us for the first time and we started out by trying Darjeeling, a game based on the tea trade by Gunter Burkhardt and published by Abacus / Rio Grande. The game play revolves around collecting tiles representing tea crates in four different colours from the plantation area and then shipping sets of these tiles through the… Read more »

Counter #40

Garry Lloyd   1st March 2008   No Comments on Counter #40

The latest issue of Counter arrived yesterday. Apart from the very (blindingly so) yellow cover, this 84 page edition features reviews of Amyitis, Brass, Chicago Poker, Darjeeling, In the Year of the Dragon, Owner’s Choice and Race for the Galaxy, among others. There is also the traditional top 5 lists of 2007 (or 2005 as the contents page suggests –… Read more »