Monthly Archives: June 2008

Keltis is the Spiel des Jahres

The winner of this year’s Spiel des Jahres has just been announced. Congratulations to Reiner Knizia for winning this award for the first time. Keltis is published by Kosmos and  is the boardgame multiplayer version of Lost Cities. Reiner also took the Children’s Game award for Wer War’s published by Ravensburger. There was also a special award for Agricola (Uwe… Read more »

SR: 20 June 2008 – Container

This week, Nige brought along Container, a game he’d just picked up that was designed by Thomas Ewert and Franz-Benno Delonge and published by Valley Games. This is a game that simulates a simple supply and demand system, based around production, warehousing and shipping of some unnamed merchandise. As we decided not to play with the beginner’s variant, we knew… Read more »

2007 Meeples Choice Awards – The Winners

For those that haven’t yet heard, the Spielfrieks user group has chosen the following three games for this year’s awards: Race for the Galaxy (Tom Lehmann, Rio Grande) Agricola (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games) Brass (Martin Wallace, Warfrog) Congratulations to the designers Tom Lehmann, Uwe Rosenberg, and Martin Wallace, as well as publishers Rio Grande, Lookout Games, and Warfrog. I voted… Read more »

Spielbox 3/2008

Got home tonight to find the latest issue of Spielbox waiting for me. The most interesting inclusion is the farmer sheet, an accessory for Agricola. It contains 70 stickers to put on the round person pieces. 35 stickers show an adult for the front side of the pieces, the other 35 the corresponding juniors for the rear side (and one… Read more »