New UK Blog

Piddinghoe Gamers
I’m a bit late in noticing this but the Piddinghoe Gamers have just launched a blog on their website here.

The latest entry about the price of poker chips and their downward spiral is pretty upsetting. It rubs in the fact that I bought my set 18 months too early at a very steep price when you could only get decent looking chips online. Now, of course, you can get poker chips everywhere on the high street (albeit not as good quality) and the sellers of quality chips have had to drop their prices accordingly.

I’ll just go and sulk in the corner for a couple of hours.

Counter #31

Counter 31
The latest issue of Counter dropped through the letterbox today.

Weighing in at a healthy 84 pages, there is plenty of discussion about the Essen Games Fair, even an article from Derek Carver contrasting the fair of 20 years ago with that of today. Added to that are oodles of reviews and the usual letters section, which means I’ve got plenty to read over the next few days.

Bitz Quiz 6

Bitz Quiz 6
My latest Bitz Quiz has been added to my Trickylight site.

Like previous quizzes, this is just for a bit of fun – there are no prizes on offer, simply the pride in getting all of them right (No chance!) Unlike previous quizzes, there is no need to send me your answers or wait a month for them to appear on the site. Just a click on a button will make everything clear.

Although you don’t need to e-mail me with answers, I’m still very keen to get feedback on the quiz. Is it too hard, too easy, any problems with the images? There is a link to my e-mail address on the quiz page or you can comment here.

Bitz Quiz 6, together with all the older ones, can be found here.