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SR: 19th January 2007 – Maestro Leonardo

  This week, we decided to try Da Vinci Games’s Maestro Leonardo, which has received quite a bit of praise since it first appeared in the middle of last year. The game is about great inventors in Renaissance Italy competing to develop and complete inventions. Players assign workers to research labs or to areas of the city to collect components,… Read more »

UK Boardgames FAQ

Garry Lloyd   18th January 2007   No Comments on UK Boardgames FAQ

A few days ago, Iain Cheyne showed what I thought to be a good amount of initiative by taking the content of the faq on the message board and posting it as a wiki on Boardgamegeek . The intention was to have a place to which people could be directed if they wanted info about boardgames in the UK…. Read more »

SR: 12 January 2007 – Imperial

This week, we tried out Imperial, the sister-game to Antike, by Mac Gerdts and published by eggertspiele. The game is similar in that it uses the innovative rondel mechanism from Antike to determine what actions are to be carried out. However, unlike the earlier game, there is more of an economic emphasis rather than conquest. Also, the players in Imperial… Read more »