Monthly Archives: April 2009

Beer & Pretzels 2009

Just a quick reminder of the next UK convention in the calendar: The 20th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend 2009 16th and 17th Mayat Town Hall, Burton on Trent, Staffs.More Beer! More Pretzels! More Games!Confidently expecting a good turnout, all three halls in the Town Hall have been hired, so there will be space for anyone planning something a bit… Read more »

Spielbox 2/2009 and Dominion (German) card offer

The latest edition of Spielbox turned up today. This included a set of Black Market cards for Dominion (with German text for obvious reasons). As I already have the English version, I’m happy to send these to the first UK person to contact me via the comments section below. (Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear straight away. My spam… Read more »

Saturday gaming fun

I went along to the Telford mini-con on Saturday and spent around 9 fun hours gaming and chatting. Many thanks to Paul and David for organising this. I managed to catch up with Paul Oakes, whom I’ve not seen for about five years or so, and I think he managed to twist my arm into going along to Midcon this November. It’s… Read more »

Tumblin’ Dice

I seem to be playing Tumblin’ Dice a fair bit at the moment, as it seems to go down really well with everyone who’s tried it. Over the weekend, we played four games at a family barbecue and, last night, we introduced it to Catherine’s boyfriend, Steve. In fact, the game last night featured a fantastic last round performance by… Read more »

Trip to Shire Games

Nipped into Shire Games on Saturday as I was collecting Catherine from Keele for the Easter break and had also agreed to pick up a copy of Diamonds Club for Nige. Naturally, I had a good look around and three new games found their way into my collection this time. First up was Small World, a revamped version of Philippe… Read more »

Has a new tax year really prompted me to start writing?

This site has been deathly quiet for a while as I seem to have got out of the habit of posting stuff. A lack of inspiration on my part and hardly any comments back hasn’t helped, but I’m going to try and do a bit better. In all likelihood, these are likely to be whatever comes to mind when I decide to… Read more »