August 2016 roundup

In August, my gaming was very limited due to preparations for moving house so I only managed to play 9 games of 8 different titles, 3 of which were new to me. The new games were:

The Grizzled: At Your Orders – Only tried the solo rules and they work pretty well.
Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game – First play through tutorial. Thought I was going to win but forgot one of my characters was bleeding and they died the turn before I would have won. Need to explore this more in September.
Mystic Vale – Excellent new “card crafting” system with lots of options for how to construct your deck and a nice push your luck mechanism. Really impressed with this.

I sold 12 games and added 6 new games to the collection: The grizzled; At Your Orders, Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game, Thief’s Market, Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, Matcha and Musee. My total collection stands at 523.

I have 4 unplayed games in my collection and my Game of the Month is Mystic Vale.