Monthly Archives: January 2006

A man of few words?

I very much enjoy Bruno Faidutti’s game descriptions and appraisals. They’re normally not too far from my own. Sometimes, he doesn’t need to say very much to get the message across. I’m glad I got Diabolo a few days ago and am looking forward to playing it a lot.

Celtica English Rules

I’ve just received the new Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling game, Celtica, in my latest Adam Spielt order. We’re itching to try it (hopefully Friday) and so I’ve done a quick translation and posted it to BGG, if anyone’s interested. The Celtica page is here. Looks fairly light but there are a few interesting tactical decisions necessary and I think… Read more »

The Best of 2005?

I don’t normally go in for choosing a top 10 of the year but, after browsing a few of these over recent days, I was intrigued to see if my choices were close to what others thought. The following are the list of games I have gained the most enjoyment from in 2005. They are not meant to reflect the… Read more »