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Green Dobbers

Garry Lloyd   28th November 2007   No Comments on Green Dobbers

Following coljenn’s deportation to some godforsaken corner of Austria, Garry Clarke has taken up the mantle of reporting on the gaming exploits of their local game group and has set up a blog called ….. bet you can’t guess? Yes, well I know the clue was in the title but, all the same, it’s good that we’ll continue to see… Read more »

Perikles at TK:Maxx

Garry Lloyd   24th November 2007   No Comments on Perikles at TK:Maxx

I was amazed to find a copy of Perikles today in the local TK:Maxx. Only £9.99 so couldn’t resist. This is the only Warfrog game I’ve not bought at Essen in years (and that was only because I forgot to go back at the end of my second day to collect it). There was also a copy of Reiner’s Beowulf… Read more »

SR: 9th November 2007 – Key Harvest

This week, there were four of us so I decided to try out Richard Breese’s latest game, Key Harvest. I was looking forward to this as the ‘Key’ series of games has been filled with very good game ideas. The idea behind the game is to score points by developing plots of land through planting and harvesting fields of particular… Read more »