40 games on Ebay

After this year’s Essen haul, I needed some space in the games cupboards to put the new arrivals. Hence, I pulled quite a few out for Ebay and yesterday Jan listed them all for me. There are quite a few really good games in there that I just felt were unlikely to get played again anytime soon including stuff like Schoko & Co, Brass, Ghost Stories and Amazonas.

The complete list is here.

Unplayed games back up to 98

Well, October saw the biggest setback to my aim to get down to fewer than 20 unplayed games by the end of Jun 2010. However, I was fairly restrained in my buying at Essen, bringing back fewer new games than usual and I stuck to my edict of not buying any expansions this year (as they rarely add lots more to a game other than complexity). So no Dominion: Seaside, Chicago Express expansion or Ystari expansion box for me. However, I didn’t play very many games at the show and, other than Atlantis, those that I did play I didn’t buy. So a net gain of 9 games to the unplayed list this month:

19 new games acquired (Power Grid: Factory Manager, Havana, Tobago, Samurai: The Card Game, Savannah Tails, Dungeon Lords, Priests of Ra, The Boardgamegeek Game, Aladdin’s Dragons Card Game, Basket Boss, Gipsy King, Alcazar, Nur Die Ziege Zahlt,Alice in Wonderland Parade, Colonia, Dice Town, Mosaix, Opera and Atlantis);

10 games no longer unplayed (Jambo, Antler Island, Gardens of Alhambra, St. Petersburg expansion, Change Horses, Ta Yu, Times Square, LotR: The Search, Atlantis and Colonia);

0 games sold.

This month, I’m hoping to make a big dent in the remaining games. I may even try to get a day at Midcon this year so I need to be at least below 85 this time next month.