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2010 International Gamers Awards – The Nominees

Having mentioned that the nominees for the IGA were announced in the latest issue of Counter, it’s a bit remiss of me not to actually publish the details. Well, I was actually waiting for an official announcement from Greg Schloesser to appear online, which has now happened so I can now confirm that the nominees for the two awards were:… Read more »

Tichu, Architekton, Die Sieben Weisen etc. on Ebay

Three days left to go on my Ebay sale which includes: the classic climbing card game, Tichu; Michael Schacht’s two player tile laying game, Architekton; Die Sieben Weisen, the small box Alea game about changing alliances in a struggle for power; Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum’s card game, Im Schatten des Sonnenkonigs; and the infamous Time Control – see what… Read more »

Spielbox #4/2010

Garry Lloyd   30th August 2010   No Comments on Spielbox #4/2010

The fourth English issue of Spielbox has now arrived. This time, there is a report from UK Games Expo (including slightly cheesy photo of the Ragnars); a report on the Spiel-des-Jahres result; reviews of Glen More, Long Shot, Samarkand, Asteroyds, Titania, Workshop of the World and 11 Nimmt, among others; plus a free expansion for Spiel-des-Jahres nominated A La Carte…. Read more »

Antics! – The new game from the Lamont brothers

The next release from Fragor Games at Essen 2010 will be Antics! – a game about, well, ants. Prey and leaves abound nearby – if only those other ants would not take what is rightfully yours. Players attempt to have their ants bring back prey and leaves to their anthill. Only the best ant colony will survive and the winner… Read more »

Counter #50

Garry Lloyd   28th August 2010   No Comments on Counter #50

The 50th issue of Counter magazine arrived yesterday with a glossy full colour cover to celebrate the fact. I just wanted to congratulate Stuart, Alan and Mike for reaching this milestone and giving me endless entertainment with the great writing that goes into every issue. Thanks also to the various contributors over the years for making an indispensable quality gaming… Read more »