Monthly Archives: February 2005

Session Report – 18th February 2005

Power Grid Players: Mark K, Phil, Nige, Mark G, Garry This week, we finally played Friedemann Friese’s Power Grid, a game I had put off buying as I already had the first edition of Funkenschlag. We quite liked the earlier version but it suffered from being a bit long, a bit fiddly and the components (especially the board) were not… Read more »

Session Report – 4th February 2005

Australia Players: Nige, Mark G, John, Garry I had just received a new order from Adam Spielt and knew that Nige would be keen to play this new game from Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. I’ve not seen news of an English edition yet, so spent Thursday evening translating the rules. They turned out to be pretty simple but deceptively… Read more »