The Long Game

Ten years ago, an enterprising European decided to register the domain name as their own. Fair enough. My site was registered in 1999 but I had no intention of picking up the dotcom version but I was interested to see what would become of the young upstart. The answer, of course, was nothing and ten years on, having registered it for a ten year period, the enterprising European has let it lapse.

Although I knew when it was going to lapse, another enterprising organisation felt the need to bring it to my attention and suggested I contact them so that, together, we could ensure it didn’t fall into anyone else’s hands. While I didn’t believe the interest in trickylight would be strong, the enterprising organisation had other ideas and reminded me on at least half a dozen occasions in the run-up to the lapse date. That said, I resisted and now, a couple of days after was let into the wild, it has now found a new home. Big question is, what should the new owner do with it?