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Garry Lloyd   30th August 2009   No Comments on Finale

Finale is a game I’ve had for years and have never managed to play it…until now. It is one of the classic Kosmos two-player range. Each player has a similar set of player cards and sets out 11 players in their choice of formation. They also have a set of tactic cards and on each of the six turns, players… Read more »

Counter #46

Garry Lloyd   28th August 2009   No Comments on Counter #46

The new issue of Counter arrived yesterday and, as usual, it looks to be full of interesting stuff. 25 reviews including a few that will be worth looking into further: Der Schwarm (Kramer/ Kiesling), Livingstone, Masters of Venice and Tulipmania 1637. There is also an outline of the various expansions included in Alea’s Treasure Chest, which celebrates their tenth anniversary. Steve… Read more »

2009 International Gamers Awards

The IGA Committee have just announced the finalists for this years awards. In the multi-player category, ten games are in contention: Automobile – Martin Wallace, Warfrog / Treefrog Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game – Corey Konieczka, Fantasy Flight Games Diamonds Club – Rüdiger Dorn, Ravensburger Dominion – Donald X. Vaccarino, Rio Grande Games / Hans im Glück Le Havre –… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   8th August 2009   No Comments on Relikt

Four of us tried this Amigo card game designed by Rudiger Dorn tonight. It played ok but was a bit long for what it was. Basically, at any one time, there were four treasures up for grabs, some of which gave positive points and some negative (although the negatives could be turned to positive by subsequently winning an identical negative card)…. Read more »

Sumeria – 2 player expansion (contraction?)

Jackson Pope has just announced that the latest Reiver Games release, Sumeria, is to have an expansion to allow two players to play instead of 3-4 players. Now, whether technically this represents an expansion or contraction is unclear, but for those who have trouble getting more than two players to their game nights, this could be a useful development. The… Read more »

Essen trip booked

This year’s Spiel game fair at Essen takes place on 22-25 October 2009 and I’ve just organised my flights and hotel. As usual, I’m just staying for two days / one night but, in a change from the last few years, am actually staying at the Jung Hotel – which was a bit of a surprise as Warfrog normally has… Read more »

Spielbox 4/2009

The latest issue of Spielbox landed on the doormat at the weekend. Included in this issue were reviews of Dominion: Intrigue, Die Goldene Stadt, Flussfieber, Cities, Fruit Fair and Einauge Sei Wachsam all of which I’ve played. However, Cartagena – Die Meuterei and Dixit both look interesting. Also included were a free expansion card for Planet Steam (which I’m unlikely to… Read more »

Unplayed Games: Down to 108

July saw my unplayed games list fall from 116 to 108, helped by a number of first plays while on holiday. In summary: 3 new games acquired (Dominion: Intrigue, which I’d already played, Long Shot and Straw) 10 games no longer unplayed (Circus Maximus, Ticket To Ride: USA 1910, Fjords, Palastgefluster, Murdero, Canal Grande, Die Goldene Stadt, Royal Palace, Long Shot and Straw). 0… Read more »