Sumeria – 2 player expansion (contraction?)

Jackson Pope has just announced that the latest Reiver Games release, Sumeria, is to have an expansion to allow two players to play instead of 3-4 players. Now, whether technically this represents an expansion or contraction is unclear, but for those who have trouble getting more than two players to their game nights, this could be a useful development.

The expansion will be:

– 24 trader pieces (6 each in the original 4 player colours)
– A sticker to add to the board showing the fourth player turn
– A rulesheet in English and German
– A plastic baggie to keep it all in

The expansion will be released as a promo at Essen, available free with a purchase of Sumeria at Essen. It will also be available to purchase at Essen for 2,50 Euro, or for sale from the Reiver Games website for £2 plus shipping and handling.