Monthly Archives: February 2008

SR: 22nd February 2008 (part 2) – Liar’s Dice

With a bit of time left, we opted for a quick game of Liar’s Dice. Very quick in Steve’s case as, even though we all started with six dice, he still managed to lose them all in two turns. Mark K also succumbed pretty quickly but did suffer from an unlikely dice combination. Nige, on the other hand, was uncharacteristically… Read more »

SR: 22nd February 2008 (part 1) – Owner’s Choice, Pandemic

This week, I had just picked up two new Z-Man games and so was keen to give them a try. The first, Owner’s Choice designed by Yasutaka Ikeda, is a stock market game of buying low and selling high with prices driven by a series of dice. Each turn, a player does two things. He must move the game pawn… Read more »

SR: 8th February 2008 – League of Six, R-Eco

This week, we played League of Six, designed by Vladimir Suchy and published by Czech Games Edition. The game is about tax collecting in a 15th century European kingdom. Players aim to impress the king by being the most successful tax collector over six years (rounds). Each round is played over a number of phases. Players take turns choosing towns… Read more »