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UK Games Expo 2008

Garry Lloyd   29th December 2007   No Comments on UK Games Expo 2008

Richard Denning has dropped me a line reminding me of the details for the second UK Games Expo. After the success of the first, it is back in 2008 bigger and better. The event takes place on 31 May – 1 June 2008 at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham. The latest newsletter is here and includes details of the highlights…. Read more »

Merry Christmas

Garry Lloyd   26th December 2007   No Comments on Merry Christmas

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas. My parents are coming over today and, if everything goes to plan, I should be getting a copy of Darjeeling from them. Darjeeling is a game designed by Gunter Burkhardt and released by Rio Grande and the theme is unsurprisingly about the tea trade in India. I ought grudgingly to mention that after years of… Read more »

SR: 21 December 2007 – Galaxy Trucker, San Juan

This week, we played one of the most attractive looking games from Essen 2007: Galaxy Trucker, designed by Vladimir Chvatil (who designed Through The Ages) and released by Czech Games Edition. The basic premise of the game is that you manage a galactic trucking firm and you put together makeshift spaceships and explore the universe trying to make your fortune… Read more »


Garry Lloyd   20th December 2007   No Comments on Spielbox

The latest issue of Spielbox landed on the doormat a couple of days ago. Lots of coverage of the Essen fair and reviews of Tribun, Cuba, Darjeeling, Alchemist, Ming Dynastie, the latest version of Condottiere and Galaxy Trucker. Also included was a mini six-card expansion for Pillars of the Earth, which can be played with both the original and the… Read more »

Agricola preorder

Garry Lloyd   10th December 2007   No Comments on Agricola preorder

Agricola seems to be one of, if not the biggest, hits of the Essen show. I didn’t pick it up due to the text-heavy German cards but Z-man Games has now come to the rescue. They set up a preorder programme with the promise that they would publish an English version when they got 750 preorders. I signed up pretty much… Read more »

Counter #39

Garry Lloyd   10th December 2007   No Comments on Counter #39

The latest issue of Counter is now out. As usual, the post-Essen issue is filled with views on the latest releases from the greatest game show in the world. With detailed reviews of 1960: the Making of the President, Agricola, Cuba, Galaxy Trucker, Hamburgum and Key Harvest among others, it is an interesting read as always. Alan How also reviews… Read more »

Next SBC session

Garry Lloyd   3rd December 2007   No Comments on Next SBC session

Well, with last week’s scheduled session being cancelled due to lack of committed players and me having won the real life ‘Dancing Dice’ competition at our office 70’s Christmas party (edited highlights will be on Youtube soon – next century, perhaps), I’m feeling refreshed for our next session on Friday 7th December at my house.