Monthly Archives: July 2005

Games International #21

┬áThe latest issue of Games International has turned up at last. Despite the lateness, it is full of interesting stuff. Martin Wallace provides a teaser on his latest game, Tempus, which is due out this month apparently. This one looks very tempting and, if the production is as lavish as he suggests, this will be a certain purchase. Plunder also… Read more »

Essen trip booked

Well, I’ve booked this year’s trip to Essen. As in previous years, I’m flying out from Birmingham on the Thursday, stopping overnight at the Ypsilon where I stayed last year, and returning on the Friday evening. This gives me a full two days at the show before the weekend rush. And the bonus is the flights are much cheaper this… Read more »

More Content Soon…

This site has been deathly quiet for ages. The principal reason has been the work I have been doing on my other site, Trickylight, I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to revamp the site but didn’t really get going until the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve been learning quite a bit about how to… Read more »