Finale is a game I’ve had for years and have never managed to play it…until now. It is one of the classic Kosmos two-player range. Each player has a similar set of player cards and sets out 11 players in their choice of formation. They also have a set of tactic cards and on each of the six turns, players choose a tactic card and compare the values. The higher value attacks with a combination of players as shown on the tactic card and the defender picks players to defend. Dice rolls are added to the strength of each side and if the attacker breaks through on goal, a similar process establishes whether a goal is scored. each turn represents 15 minutes of play so after six turns, the final whistle is blown and whoever has scored more goals wins. However, if it is tied, extra time is played over two further turns and if then still tied, penalties ensue.

Chris and I played tried this tonight and had a good time as it was pretty close throughout. Chris took the lead in the opening minutes but I soon equalised and managed a second just before the half time whistle. Into the second half and I was reduced to ten men following a cynical foul on Chris’s goalkeeper, who had to be substituted. He then marched down the pitch and made the extra man tell and tie the scores at 2-2. Mid way through the second half, Chris took the lead while the bad luck for goalies continued and my keeper got injured and had to be replaced. With whistles from Chris’s crowd for the final whistle resounding around the ground, I managed a counter-attack in the closing minutes and put the ball in the net to make the score 3-3 after 90 minutes. The opening half of extra time was an ugly affair and Chris’s team was also reduced to ten men but he did sneak a critical goal. My team tried everything to get the equaliser but with time running out, I was reduced to nine players after one of my defenders received a second yellow card. Chris managed to play out the remaining minutes and recorded a good win 4-3.