Coming at Essen: The BoardGameGeek Game

When I first saw this, I thought it might have been a big hoax but apparently not. Richard Breese has decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of BGG by releasing a game themed around everyone’s favourite gaming website (this one excluded of course). Here is a description of the game from the aforementioned BGG:

“The BoardGameGeek Game (TBGGG) is being published by R&D Games to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the BoardGameGeek website, the gaming community’s most indispensible database!

Ernie (the famous BoardGameGeek mascot) has gone on holiday to meet his English cousins and fellow geeks in the quaint Cotswold town of Boardway. In TBGGG players take on two roles:

Firstly, players represent one of the six game publishers: Eggertspiele, Hans im Glück, Queen, R&D, Treefrog or Ystari, supplying their company’s games to the games shops of Boardway. Geek Gold (GG) is earned for each game they sell. Secondly, each player has a team of three ‘dicey’ geeks who are trying to collect sets of games to meet their gaming group’s requirements. At the end of the game GG is awarded to record the player’s success in acquiring these games. The player accumulating the most GG is the winner.

TBGGG is a fast paced, tactical, fun game for 3 to 6 players (with ‘geeky English start player’ option), which takes around 60 to 75 minutes to play.”

Richard Breese’s games are always well thought out and I can’t recall one I’ve not enjoyed so I’m looking forward to this. The box also is supposed to feature a number of BGG members’ avatars so watch out for mine, if I’m lucky enough to have it selected.