UK Games Expo 2009: Awards

As part of the agenda for the Expo weekend, awards are given for the best new games at the show / released in the preceding 12 months. Richard Denning has just announced the winners:

Here are the Winners of

Best New Boardgame
Snow Tails (Asmodee Version)

Best Role-playing Game
Lovecraftian tales from the Table- The Bradford Players (Yog radio)

Best Miniatures Range
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Copplestone Casting

Best General/Party Game
Liar-Liar – Pants on Fire Games

Best Family/Children’s Game
Cubiko – Kevin Birnbaum

Best Abstract Game
Kamisado – Burley Games

Best Card Game
Fzzzt! – Surprised Stare

Best Collectible Card Game
Huntik – Upper Deck Entertainment

The two games I know, Snow Tails and Kamisado, are both excellent and worthy winners in their category. The winner in the card game category, Fzzzt!, I saw but didn’t get to play but looks quite interesting. I notice Steve played it a couple of times so he might comment on what he thought.

Congrats to all the winners, especially Richard Breese, Gordon and Fraser Lamont.