Coming at Essen: God’s Playground

Three weeks yesterday, the annual Essen Games Fair begins and, as usual, I’ll be there for two of those days.

Also, as in previous years, I’ll be highlighting some of the games to look out for, with a focus on those released by UK companies / designers. I’ve already mentioned one or two and hope to post something about all those that I know about. First of all, Warfrog (or Treefrog) have a few new games to mention. Today, it’s the turn of God’s Playground.

God’s Playground is the next of Martin Wallace’s three player only games being released in the Treefrog line. The game covers the period of Polish history from the 1400s to the mid 1700s, i.e. from the war against the Teutonic Knights to the period leading up to the first of the three partitions. Further information, including a link to the rules can be found on the God’s Playground page on the Warfrog website.

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