Boardgame? Geek? Me?

Boardgamegeek has lots of tools to satisfy that small minority who love statistics. I’m a bit surprised I’ve not embraced every whizz-bang facility that is available but I have at last, after 8 years of using the site, got my collection logged and ratings added (although I am still to add ratings to those games “played but not owned” before my move back to Shrewsbury in 2001. I admit though that I think I do have the records for these games all the way back to 1993 somewhere.

Anyway, interesting things (to me anyway) are that:

  • I own 702 games
  • 637 games have been rated by me on BGG, of which 513 I own, meaning I have 189 titles that I have not played / rated. This is higher than my own unplayed list of 136 games probably due to expansions that I have not classified on my own site.
  • My average game rating is 6.62 (out of 10), which is slightly higher than BGG’s guide but reflects the fact that I like a wide variety of games playable in different settings (I rate great family/party games as highly as great gamers’ games).
  • My lowest rated game is Yeti Slalom (3), a train wreck of a game that I cannot understand managed to get past any rational playtester.
  • I have never rated a game a 10. It is just that explorer in me that strives to find the ultimate and when I get close, I just set the bar that little bit higher.
  • Of the nine games rated a 9, four of them (Caylus:MC, Notre Dame, Phoenicia and Stone Age) are too recent to guarantee that they will stay there; the other five (Ave Caesar, El Grande, Liar’s Dice, Ra and San Juan) are unlikely ever to fall from their lofty pedastal.