Spiel-des-Jahres 2010: The Nominees

The shortlist for this year’s SdJ has just been published. The nominees were:

  • A La Carte by Karl Heinz Schmiel 
  • Dixit by Jean Louis Roubira 
  • Fresco by Marco Ruskowski and Marcel Susselbeck 
  • Identik by William P Jacobsen and Amanda A Kohout
  • Roll Through The Ages by Matt Leacock 

Wow! This year only one of the games picked by the jury would have been on my list (Fresco), although RttA may have been if I’d realised it was only released in Germany later last year. Much more in line with my judgment was the jury’s list of the year’s recommended games, which was made up of:

  • Level X, Stefan Risthaus
  • Mosaix, Christof Tisch
  • Don Quixote , Reinhard Staupe
  • Jäger und Sammler, Reiner Knizia
  • Jaipur, Sébastien Pauchon
  • Kamisado, Peter Burley
  • Samarkand, David V.H. Peters & Harry Wu
  • Tobago, Bruce Allen
  • Hansa Teutonica, Andreas Steding
  • Endeavor, Carl de Visser und Jarratt Gray

My pick for winner would be Roll Through The Ages although I wouldn’t be too upset if Fresco or Dixit won. More info about the award is here.