Spiel des Jahres 2006

Thurn und Taxis 

I’m a bit late posting this but the German game of the year (family variety) turns out to be Thurn und Taxis, designed by Karen & Andreas Seyfarth and published by Hans-im-Gluck. Congratulations to all concerned.

TuT would not actually have been my choice but it is a pretty good game. I would have picked Blue Moon City (Kosmos) and given Reiner his first SdJ award. The other three finalists were Seerauber by Stefan Dorra (Queen), Aqua Romana also by Queen and Just 4 Fun by Kosmos. 

Next up is the Deutsche Spiel Preis, the voting for which ends on 31st July. Caylus is probably the game I expect to win … and I wouldn’t be unhappy with that decision, but Shadows Over Camelot may stand a chance based on its Meeples Choice showing.