Jan and I played Qwirkle for the first time last night and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. Sort of like Scrabble but with colours and shapes instead of words, you basically add tiles to a grid by matching colour and or shape, scoring points according to how many pieces you connect to in a line. This is not a game Nige is likely to enjoy as the spatial awareness and pattern / colour-recognition element is high. However, it seems to be a case of optimising your score on each turn with the tiles you have, while not setting up your opponent for a potential big-score. There doesn’t appear to be much opportunity to set yourself up for future turns (especially if playing more than two-player) and it seems to be a case of hoping to draw good combinations of tiles at the right time.

That said, it is easy to play and our game came down to the very last tile to determine a winner. Also, Jan likes Scrabble so this is one she’d be more likely to play again. Hopefully, we’ll try it again soon.